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SEL Energy International limited is an entity that has been formed to bring Wall Street technology, analytics and trading ability to the carbon credit industry. This is a relatively new commodity class that can be considered an emerging market that traded over one hundred billion dollars in credits since 2013 (the carbon credit markets have existed for over twenty years but have only begun to grow in scope and recognition in the past ten). The company has three separate and distinct segments it will operate as part of this business. The three areas are: a) community building; b) monetization of the credits; and c) technological oversight and reporting to the carbon credit marketplace. 


The community building aspect of this business will focus on directing a significant portion of the proceeds from the monetization of the credits to build planned communities, hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructural improvements needed to enhance the lifestyle of the indigenous population. The company will be responsible for the actual construction and deployment funds as directed by the government of the host country. By closely managing and controlling the deployment of funds associated with this business we seek to avoid the corruption and misuse of proceeds typically associated with third world governments when money is made available to them. As part of this process we will bring in best of breed third party service providers from all over the world who can train and oversee the local population for the construction process then create long term career paths for many of the locals. Once fully trained it is anticipated the workers will maintain what has been built and continue construction as new projects are initiated through the term of the agreement.




SEL Energy International limited. is going to bring technological expertise for oversight and asset reporting that has not been implemented in this market to date. Using proprietary software and processes senior management of company developed for financial asset management, investor reporting will be provided on a real time bases with a level of granularity that will set a new standard for the carbon credit market. Making use of varying forms of cutting-edge data management systems and compression technology, the company will be able to deliver secure access to all forms of information to investors, finance Ministers, regulators and various market participants that will eliminate any possibility of questioning the validity of the carbon credits the fund mange's. Given the lack of sophistication and transparency of reporting currently in the carbon credit market, in addition to supporting our fund, we believe this aspect of the business will grow into a standalone entity that will become a third-party service provider to carbon credit registries, large investors and trading companies. 

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